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Do you have questions, suggestions, or concerns? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and reach out! Here are our contacts:

– Email: contact@monodoze.com

– Phone Number: +962 0000000000

– Address: Al-Jizah, Amman, Jordan

Contact a Specific Department

  • The Manufacturing Department is responsible for the manufacturing process of the medical products, including quality assurance, materials… etc.
  • You can contact the Manufacturing Department by dialing +962 00 000 0000
  • The Management Department is responsible for determining the vision of the company, its products, and the direction the company is taking.
  • You can contact the Management Department by dialing +962 00 000 0000
Human Resources
  • The HR is responsible for handling Human Resources and employee-related issues.
  • You can contact HR by dialing +962 00 000 0000
  • The Marketing Department is responsible for marketing the products and shaping the look of the company and the brand.
  • You can contact the Marketing Department by dialing +962 00 000 0000

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Al-Jizah, Amman, Jordan



Better Sterilization is Our Mission

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Al-Jizah, Amman, Jordan

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